• Advantage 4D

    Эффективная точная визуализация и оценка движений, связанных с дыханием, с помощью быстрой четырехмерной реконструкции изображений.
  • AW Server

    Расширенные возможности визуализации и диагностики в любом месте и в любое время, облегчение процесса передачи изображений другим специалистам.

Клиническое применение

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Рекомендуемые приложения

  • Evaluation of VolumeShare 7’s impact on the mean reading time as compared to prior release VolumeShare 5, clearly indicates that clinicians using VolumeShare 7 reduced their reading time by approximately 20% which enhances their productivity and efficiency in diagnosing patients.

  • A prior study showed that radiologists using AW VolumeShare7 (VS7) reduced their reading time by 20% during their daily practice compared to prior release. This study is aimed to analyze the learning curve for a user group after VS7 installation to evaluate the number of reading sessions necessary to achieve this level of efficiency improvement.

    This study shows that VS7 learning curve tends to follow an "exponential" model associated to a fast learning. These users can indeed reach their efficiency plateau and thus, fully adopt VS7, in less than a month.