B1x5M Patient Monitors Details


Product specifications


Display size

B105M: 10.1 in (diagonal)
B125M: 12.1 in (diagonal)
B155M: 15.6 in (diagonal)

Weight, with battery and without modules

B105M: ≤ 3.8 kg (8.4 lb)
B125M: ≤ 4.2 kg (9.3 lb)
B155M: ≤ 5.5 kg (12.1 lb)

Battery life

>4.5 hrs for B105M1
>4.0 hrs for B155M / B125M1

IP rating



Up to 12


NIBP, SpO2, temp, ECG, IBP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, RR, EtCO2, Entropy, NMT, SPI2, Anesthetic Agent with auto-ID 5-agents plus CO2, O2 and N2O, and Cardiac Output

Module slots / supported

1; 2 more with 2nd frame a / E-miniC, E-sCAiO, N-CAiO, E-Entropy, E-NMT, E-BIS, E-sCO and E-COP

Patient type

Adult, pediatric and neonate

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About the B1x5M/P monitors

B1x5M/P monitors training video

  1. With typical configuration: ECG, NIBP cycle time 15 min, SpO2, display brightness 70%
  2. SPI is not cleared for use in the US or Japan

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