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PET Imaging

Discovery™ MI now features a unique deviceless respiratory motion management

Discovery MI, available in three scalable detector configurations, is the industry’s only PET/CT system that brings together the ultra-high sensitivity of digital detection with innovative reconstruction technology. The combination of TOF, MotionFree (deviceless motion management), and Q.Clear results in outstanding detection of small lesions and quantification accuracy.

SIGNA™ PET/MR with QuantWorks

Built with pioneering TOF and integrated with a 3.0T MR, its impressive quantitative accuracy and high count rate combined with innovative Q.Clear reconstruction delivers 2x improvement in image quality. In addition, SIGNA PET/MR with QuantWorks includes a comprehensive suite of applications and flexible research tools to pursue ideas that could influence the future of medicine.

Nuclear Medicine

Five new nuclear medicine systems designed to help clinicians achieve exceptional outcomes.

The new 800 Series includes a collection of SPECT enhancements like SwiftScan Planar and SwiftScan SPECT that help increase sensitivity and enable reducing scan times or injected dose by up to 25 percent1, without affecting signal-to-noise ratio. It also includes the all-new SmartConsole. This digital processing platform modernizes nuclear medicine workflow by automating SPECT/CT reconstruction and enabling scan reviews from remote mobile devices.

1 Compared to LEHR without Planar Clarity2D / SPECT S&S Continuous. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a bone scan protocol and a model observer. Because model observer results may not always match those from a human reader, the actual time/dose reduction depends on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A radiologist should determine the appropriate scan time/dose for the particular clinical task.


It’s time to explore the clinical potential of 68Ga

PETtrace™ 800 Series of cyclotrons provides a cost effective and efficient solution. It includes in-target 68Ga production capability, together with purification and labeling using a single cassette on our FASTlab™ Developer automated chemistry platform.